Thank you for clicking my face!

That was super cool of you.

Now as promised I want to show you how I run ads for local businesses. The crazy part is, they don’t even have to be local to you.

And the really cool part is that I get paid just for sending leads to them.

Oh and here’s some other stuff I never have to worry about: 

  • Having a 9-5 job
  • Split testing 5 million images
  • Crazy $1,000/day ad budgets
  • Spending my own money on client’s ads
  • Hours researching how to target Nurses in Iowa that love Bulldogs and are married to Firemen
  • Paying a designer to make high quality images
  • Shipping products all over creation
  • Refunds
  • Affiliates. Having to pay affiliates. Gross.
  • The launch/jv/email/webinar/IM world
  • …and I’m sure there’s a ton more

Instead, I:

  • Run ads with client’s money
  • Send leads to them as they come in (it’s automated)
  • Get paid

That’s it.

Here, check this out:

What’s Next?

Tomorrow I’m going to show you exactly how Mike (no relation) was able to:

  • Quit his job and
  • Run ads full time for his clients

Wanna see? Stick your email in the box here and I’ll send it tomorrow morning, bright and early.