Unlimited FB Ad Swipes

[Unlimited FB Ad Swipes!]

Writer’s block sucks pretty hard, especially when you have to create something out of thin air for a client, and you’re staring at the screen like “uhhhh.”

And since I deal with Facebook ads every day, I’ve entered the “uhhh” zone multiple times in the last year.

My mouth even hangs open a little bit.

But I always get through it.

And it’s not because I have some secret superpower, or I’m magically able to come up with words.

Nah, I’m one of those “show me” people. I almost never learn from concepts and abstract ideas, I have to SEE something to get the ol’ noggin fired up.

But once I’m able to see a few examples of ads in my niche, my brain snaps into gear and I’m able to write winning ads like, immediately.

It’s pretty cool.

So if you’re like me and you need some old school picture books to get fired up, then you’re probably asking…

So where do I find these Facebook ads on demand?

Glad you asked!

There’s a few services out there – most are dumb-level expensive like $399 per month – that let you search for ads and stuff, but even the cheaper ones are still almost $70 or $100 per month. Ew.

Even the free ones have dumb restrictions like not being able to view mobile ads and you can only see so many ads per month…whyyyyyy…

Plus almost none have LOCAL ads.

So anyway because I’m selfish and didn’t want to deal with that bullshit I made my own super-secret group just for Facebook ad swipes.

This is where we share FB ads we come across on our feeds – mobile, desktop, whatever, right inside the group.

Once it’s shared you can view the original post, see the landing page, save it to your FB account for later, and even get retargeted by the company with more ads! Fun!

Plus – and here’s the kicker – we’re all real people, not “bots” that pluck ads from some API or whatever. So you’ll get access to ads that REAL people see – not some fake account in Tanzania.

And local ads too! Cool!

BTW, I say “we” because I originally just opened this up as a bonus to members of my course.

It was a cool little resource that we could all benefit from.

And the more people that join, the better our ads will be, since more people get to share what’s on their feed.

That’s why I’m offering this at a super-low price. Basically just my time to moderate the group and keep it running for you guys.

So I’m not charging $300 per month or even $70 or $35.

It’s just $19.97 per month.

So to get access to all the inspiration for almost any niche you could ever want, just click here to get in and save yourself from all the “uhhhh” moments. Lol.

You’ll get access instructions immediately – I’ll see you in there —

Facebook Ads Swipe Membership

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